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Our Services

Virair Wireless

Wireless fibre technology allows us to take high speed fibre optic broadband and transfer it to microwave data, to then transmit a secure wireless signal between our distribution sites to homes and businesses, connecting you to the worldwide web.

Virair Infinite

Infinite Broadband is a solution that can deliver fast broadband in areas that are poorly serviced by regular broadband providers and is available nationwide. This product offers a high-speed unlimited data service for everyone and everywhere.

Virair Terragraph

Terragraph is a millimetre-wave wireless technology that uses the 60 GHz spectrum to deliver low-cost, high-speed internet connectivity to dense urban areas. Think of it as a cheap, wireless alternative to expensive fibre-optic broadband. Designed to provide high-speed street level coverage, every Terragraph node has a highly-directional phase array antenna that is steerable. The 60 GHz signal has a limited range, so the nodes are placed at 200 to 250 meter intervals.

Virair Fibre

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is a part-copper, part fibre connection. Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is a pure fibre connection from the exchange and offers higher broadband speeds to specific premises in areas that have been enabled for FTTP (speeds up to 330/50MB/s).

Virair Indoor Mobile Networks

Do you struggle to maintain mobile phone connectivity at your workplace or office? You receive an important call, only for the conversation to break up midway due to poor signal. Our solutions working on approved legal frequencies are tailored to your specific needs and operate on all the major networks in the UK.

Virair Networking

Moving to new premises or re-arranging your existing, we plan and install any size system from several sockets to a full configuration for both phones and computers. Complete office VoIP phone systems, fully programmed and ready to go with local or national numbers as required.